The Link Rapid Application Framework (LRAF) has been developed to enable projects which require Web Based applications to be created quickly whilst providing a robust and feature rich business solution capable of cost effective future development as further features are required.



LRAF allows interaction between our clients and the developers in what is known as an Iterative Application Development (IAD) project methodology. This allows us to dispense with the traditional and formalised consultation, detailed specification, build, test and change project constraints which add significant cost and delay to projects. Instead, with IAD, we conduct short workshops to gather requirements, collect client sample data, present a proof of concept, then refine and enhance the application to exactly match our clients’ business requirements.

Looking for a better way to manage your data?

Solutions built using LRAF are secure, scalable and cost effective making them the perfect choice for managing data. For more information or to arrange a demonstration contact us today.

Widely used, secure and resilient

LRAF has been used to create applications in Military, Manufacturing, Government, Retail, and many other sectors.

LRAF maximises the benefits and resilience of the latest Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technologies and minimises project cost by allowing extremely fast design and deployment.

Where a business requires a bespoke database solution to be created with minimum cost and in short timescales, LRAF is an obvious and compelling solution.

Global reach

The applications created using LRAF can be deployed over the Internet, Intranet, or in the Cloud. This allows centralised control / management of data and security, whilst providing Global access to users. LRAF applications can be deployed as standalone PC based solutions requiring no connectivity if required, for use in remote areas.

Major benefits of LRAF based applications

  • LOW COST extremely fast build provides significant project cost savings
  • BESPOKE SOLUTION exactly matches business requirements
  • INTEGRATION can integrate with existing core systems and data
  • MANAGEMENT managed centrally, lowers support costs
  • WEB / CLOUD fully WEB / Cloud enabled
  • SECURE security of MS .NET and SQL technologies

Major functional benefits

Sorting, Grouping, Exporting and Filtering of data grids: Making the end user experience of managing large amounts of data very easy.

Theming: New themes for the generated application and if allowed, end users can swap between themes with the click of a button.

Flexibility: Users can change and customise their own views and reports

Integration: Can output data automatically to MS Office

For more information about LRAF please contact us to discuss your requirements or visit our Case Studies page to find out how we have used this framework for other customers.