Our approach to website development has evolved over the years of experience we have gained through working with various sizes and types of companies ranging from large manufacturers to small start-up companies across the North West and further afield. From the outset or our engagement we will look to get to know your company in order to understand your website requirements. This enables us to quickly establish the best approach and most cost effective route suitable for you and the team of people involved.


Understanding business objectives is a key part of starting a successful project. We work with project sponsors to ensure objectives are kept in mind at every stage.

Build a Team

Key to the success of any project is having the right team of people who can drive the project forward and maintain focus on business objectives.


We can help design the look and feel of your website or work with a third party design agency to ensure your website is transformed from concept into reality.


At this stage the development process can begin according to specification. All our customers have access to a development version of their project to allow them to see progress and gain an on-going understanding of the solution.


Throughout a website development project on-going internal and user acceptance testing is done. This ensures that customers can test every aspect of a solution prior to deployment to a live environment.


Once a solution has been fully tested and accepted then a deployment schedule is put in place and agreed. This will ensure that any other processes that need to synchronise with the release of the solution can happen.


Although evaluation is part of the development and testing phases (to make allowance for changes in objective or specification), a final project evaluation stage is recommended to ascertain whether objectives have been reached.


Any business will have on-going requirements for improvements and features to a solution. Future phases can be planned and structured at which point certain parts of the project life cycle begin again.

Content Management

We specialise in developing responsive websites using content management systems such as Umbraco CMS. This will enable your website to grow with your business. Umbraco is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface which will allow you to update content simply and quickly. We have a large number of clients who have adopted Umbraco instead of content management platforms such as WordPress and Joomla. In general customers and have required little training to get to grips with their day to day tasks managing their on-line presence. For more information on Umbraco please see our Umbraco CMS content.



Responsive Design

Responsive design is now a must-have feature for any website. This allows your website content to be viewed and navigated effectively on many different types of devices such as tablets, mobile phones and desktop computers alike without having to worry about having separate mobile only sites that require additional administration to keep current.

All of our websites incorporate the concept of responsive design and use the latest technology to ensure maximum compatibility. Our article Making your website mobile friendly explains our various approaches to redeveloping existing websites to become mobile friendly.



Search Engine Optimisation

We implement websites with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind. This ensures that there are no technical reasons why your website's content can't rank highly on organic search engine listings such as Google, Bing, Yahoo et al. There are many aspects to SEO some of which cannot be controlled directly through your website however providing useful and targeted content as well as a clear structure are key elements to success. For more information see our search engine optimisation page.



Project Management

Throughout the development process we will be on hand to guide and help you at each key stage. We use an online project management tool called Redbooth which allows you to log and track progress of the project at its various stages. Website development will be carried out within a UAT (user acceptance testing) environment so that you can see the progress and provide feedback. This speeds up the development process and allows us to effectively manage the development and release phases. This approach makes the task of creating a new website or re-developing an existing website much less of a daunting task and helps you plan your business strategy around its launch.



Themeforest Template Integration

We specialise in integrating the very cost effective templates provided through Themeforest with Umbraco. The templates on offer provide a great starting point for any company wishing to create or update their website. Most of the available templates are feature rich with the latest Responsive Design practices as well as well structured css and Javascript libraries.

Themeforest provides you with a preview of functionality contained within the template  so you can decide on your preferences prior to this being custiomised and integrated into Umbraco.

With a huge selection of templates to choose from you will be able to find a style and layout that will suit. With a few customisations you will be able to quickly and cost effectively ensure that your site is unique but standards compliant and feature rich. From here we can then build your site using the files you purchase to build your site with Umbraco.

Most of the templates are based on responsive html which will mean that your website will be optimized for mobile and tablet viewing. This is a huge advantage as you have an "out of the box" base solution you can tailor to make it specific to your business.

A template can help keep cost low and speed up development as much of the time within a project can be taken with deciding the colours and layout.

If you would like to speak to us regarding website development please call 01925 607310, email info@link-infotec.co.uk or alternatively you can complete our contact form and one of the team will be happy to help.

Looking for website development in the North West? We are based at Sci-Tech Daresbury near Warrington so are perfectly placed for access to customers across the North West.