We generally offer technical support to our existing customers who have already undertaken a project with us such as a new website or bespoke software application. However, in some circumstances we will take on the support of an existing software solution or website depending on the type of system it is and the underlying technology that has been used to build it. 

The following elements can be covered as part of our support offering and can be tailored to your requirements:

  • Software bug diagnostics and fix
  • Software training
  • Incremental software changes
  • Software feature changes
  • Software health monitoring

As a result of our broad experience within the technology industry we are able to support a variety of solutions driven by a broad range of technologies but our core expertise revolves around applications built using Microsoft .Net technologies.

Example website support scenarios

  • You require a new template so that you can structure content in a particular way within your website such as 3 columns side by side
  • A new employee starts within the business and they require training on your website CMS. Support hours can be used to provide this training over the phone or in person.
  • A new widget has been designed by your graphic design agency that needs to be integrated into your website. As this should be a small self-contained piece of work the support hours could get this job done quickly and without the need to raise a purchase order as you will have time banked to make these changes.

Additional Benefits

  • Access to Redbooth.com which is our online support task management solution so that you can track progress of the tasks logged.
  • We are a close knit team so we can provide a personal approach and work with you to identify the skills you have. Our aim is to make the support as cost effective and efficient as possible so that your budget is spent appropriately and you get value for money.

If you would like further information please email info@link-infotec.co.uk or call 01925 607310