We work with a number of schools and colleges in the development of their website and ongoing support of its growth. Each school has found that the use of Umbraco as a content management solution has been a significant improvement on previous methods of administering their website. This is due to its friendly and intuitive interface and the way in which we have looked at existing procedures in order to integrate into the one solution. We have realized that teaching staff are under increased pressure to administer various systems which are introduce to help but end up being just "another thing to learn.." and quickly become obsolete or outdated. This is where we will always work with you to look at ways to stop the duplication of data entry such as events calendar, news and curriculum which should be centrally managed and filtered through to the website where possible.


A big challenge within schools is ensuring data security and network access so we will always look to work with your appointed IT team to ensure that this isn't compromised.

Reduced budgets and working with schools to make the most of the money they have is also something that we are fully aware of. We work hard to make sure that the schools money is spent wisely so that you get the most out of the solution we provide.

Gaining the trust of teaching staff and giving them control of their own curriculum area is a key part of a school websites success. We have a very good track record and work hard to form a strong relationship with the project team.

As mentioned so many school now have a number of different platforms that are used to gather data so it can be difficult to get people on board initially. We find that engaging the staff from the outset and providing training sessions in small groups works well. 


Working with your existing content, improving the overall perception of the school through the update of its brand via our design partners or simply using your existing website structure we can find the right solution for your school and budget.