Soldier of Fortune (SOF) have been trading for over 30 years supplying clothing and equipment to re-enactors, collectors, modern military and security personnel. In addition they have been supplying bushcraft and survival clothing & equipment and have recently started retailing airsoft weapons & equipment.

Link have worked with SOF for over 10 years helping to develop their e-commerce website and order management solution.



SOF realised the importance of bringing their business onto the Internet and showed interest in an e-commerce solution to sell their products on-line. After investigating off the shelf solutions we quickly realised that their requirements suited a bespoke solution to incorporate the way in which they worked and the uniqueness of some of the products they offer.

One of the challenges we had to overcome as the cross selling of products in a wide number of categories and varying attributes of particular products. Product categorisation rules had to also be taken into consideration to ensure products of all shapes and sizes where correctly catalogued and made available for purchase.

Process mapping played a key part in encouraged SOF to standardise and streamline their business processes.



We have worked closely with SOF to create a bespoke e-commerce solution which has grown and developed with their business. It fits in with their in house order management processes so that staff are comfortable with the solution and can carry out their roles effectively and efficiently. The latest version of the website is built using Umbraco CMS which we have customised to include various new modules.

Amongst other benefits, the Umbraco CMS solution we have developed allows SOF to manage the aesthetics of their website whilst we deal with business process and core functionality.

More recently we have worked with SOF to help improve their search presence on new product ranges with our experience in Search Engine Optimisation. This has lead to a significant increase in site wide visits which has resulted in an increase in online sales. To help cope with the increased demand a Warehouse Stock Management module has been included in the system to ensure customers and employees are made aware of stock status and locations in real-time.



The solution we developed for SOF allowed them to establish themselves as a leading online retailer in their business sector. We continue to work with SOF in developing the quality of their customer facing brand as well as their back-end systems. We actively introduce new technology to our customers to ensure they stay competitive and experience a good ROI.