St Cuthbert's Catholic High School have recently undergone a complete overhaul of their branding and marketing which included the re-development of their website using Umbraco.


St Cuthbert's were keen to administer as much content as possible on their website and were looking for a solution that was user friendly and intuitive. Following a demonstration of Umbraco they quickly realised the benefits of using the cms and once we had explained how the in built permission's would enable teaching staff to update their own parts of the website, they were fully on board.

As with most schools St Cuthbert's wanted to make data entry as straight forwards as possible and to reduce duplication. We worked with staff to find ways in which we can make data entry simple and efficient for all involved. This meant getting to know the team, understanding their individual roles, listening to their concerns and working with them through training to understand their requirements.


The website was launched back in November 2015 and has received a great response from staff, pupils and parents. We have introduced roles and groups so that teaching staff can login to update their own sections of the website specific to their curriculum areas. An administrator manages the publishing of the content so that it is sense checked and "on brand" to give a consistent look and feel. The distribution of responsibility means that the website is growing in a controlled manner and the administration burden for individual staff members has been reduced.

We are continuing to work with St Cuthberts to integrate more of their internal data entry processes into Umbraco so that duplication and time is reduced for those administering school data.