As a powerful feature rich content management system, Umbraco is suitable for building web applications in most sectors and industries. We have provided a number of Umbraco based solutions to schools and organisaions in the education sector across the North West and further afield.

Users and administrators within these organisations find themselves with very little time to manage website content so it is of up-most importance that any solution implemented within their organisation is reliable, quick to learn and easy to use. Integration with existing internal systems is also of benefit to reduce double entry and increase automation.

Schools and educational organisations also have to ensure their web application and web content is multi-lingual as well as accessible so it can encompass their audience fully. Umbraco makes it possible to deliver accessible and multi-lingual content to a diverse audience.


Umbraco can be used in a variety of ways within a school or organisation in the education sector. Typically it will be used as a website content management system however it can also be used to increase automation and provide "self service" portals to students, parents and other parties involved.

Solutions we've implemented within schools and other organisations across the North West include:

  • Forms automation - Provide students and parents the ability to fill in and sign forms on-line to reduce internal administration and improve efficiency. Forms automation helps to reduce errors and improve throughput of information (such as bursary funding applications, absence forms, event registration).

  • E-Commerce - Provide students and parents with the ability to pay for items through a secure central portal ( course material, events, excursions, on-site services, charge cards).

  • Document management - Provide students and parents with a central location to securely view and download documentation.

  • Self Service Portals - Provide all parties with a central self service portal to reduce fragmentation of information across an organisation.

  • Integration with internal systems - Increase automation and reduce double entry by exposing information from internal systems to relevant audiences on the Internet (such as event calendars, Timetables).

  • Microsoft Exchange public folder synchronisation - By synchronising Microsoft Exchange public folders with external websites it becomes possible to allow calendar and other data to be exposed in a controlled manner to a wider audience.

As with all our solutions, we implement them with a modular architecture, so they can be expanded upon in the future and further features included in the future.


Umbraco is an extremely powerful and versatile content management system that can be used in a variety of ways within a school or organisation in the education sector. Using a variety of integration techniques we can provide solutions to schools and educational organisations to increase automation and efficiency as well as improve the reach and effectiveness of material distributed by the organisation to its audience.

Are you part of a school or organisation in the Education sector looking for Umbraco development or software development in the North West? We are based at Sci-Tech Daresbury near Warrington so are perfectly placed for access to customers across the North West. With our experience in this sector we are able to deliver a variety of projects and solutions to the Education sector.

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