Themeforest provide thousands of pre-built website templates and themes that can be integrated in to most websites and content management systems. Using one of these themes for your website can be an extremely cost effective way of getting a professional looking website without having to spend the time and effort designing everything from scratch.

In this article we list ten of our favourite templates available on Themeforest and explain exactly why they get our seal of approval!

Metronic Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

For a business application or reporting dashboard this template is perfect. When integrated with Umbraco or a .NET MVC application this template could provide a great feature rich experience for end users wishing to get a better visual impression of their key business data.

There are actually seven admin themes included in the package which also comes with a variety of charts, graphs and imagery. It is one of the top selling admin themes on Themeforest and a great choice for both small and large companies. 

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Porto Responsive HTML5 Template

For technology companies or creative organisations wishing to make an impact this theme has a lot to give. When used within Umbraco the end result should allow any organisation to maximise the benefits they get from being on the web.

It has a very clean layout but is relatively easy to customise should you require a different look and feel to how it comes out the box. As well as the responsive HTML5 version the Porto template also comes in specific Wordpress, Drupal and Magento versions.

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Inceptio - Responsive Multi-Purpose HTML Template

The Inceptio template comes in both HTML and PHP versions and contains ten predefined colour skins allowing you to change the look and feel of the theme very easily. It is fully responsive (although does not use Bootstrap) and looks good on desktop, tablet and phone device widths.

This template integrates perfectly with the likes of Umbraco to ensure your organisation has a great looking website with a feature rich experience for end users and a full enterprise level content management solution for administrators.

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Using Themeforest templates for your website

We have more information on integrating themeforest templates in Umbraco on our website development page. If you have a theme in mind then get in touch and we can provide you with an estimate for integrating it in to your chosen content management system.

Canvas | The Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template

This is possibly one of the best value templates on themeforest due to the fact it comes with over 500 multi-page and one page layouts making it the perfect choice for organisations that have multiple sectors/branches that each require their own individual website but one that still ties in with the overall look and feel of the company as a whole.

Although the quantity of templates would mean integration would take longer than some of the other templates mentioned in this article once the initial structure and document types had been created in Umbraco they could be reused which would save time in the long run.

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Caprese - Modern E-Commerce Template

For business wishing to engage in E-commerce this template has many features to suit. It comes with a specific page design for your website homepage, catalogue/search page, product page, basket page and checkout pages all of which work well on desktops, tablets and mart phones.

This can be integrated with Umbraco and it's E-commerce packages such as uCommerce or Tea Commerce. Unfortunately it doesn't come with out the box versions for the likes of Magento or Opencart but they are working on it!

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Hestia - Responsive Unique HTML 5 Template

This beautiful looking template is a perfect example of how to combine high quality imagery with a simple elegant layout. 

The Hestia template is a great choice for businesses and individuals that want to showcase their products or services and have a collection of detailed images to use.

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Vertex - Single Page App Template

A clean and simple single page responsive template that scrolls well on all devices it is used on. The Vertex theme comes with three variations of slider along with lots of oher cutting edge features.

When integrated in to a content management system such as Umbraco this template will give you a great looking website that is very easy to administer.

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Gro-Spa - Responsive HTML Template

The Gro-Spa responsive template is a good choice for those working within the health & beauty sector but it could also be adapted to fit businesses who operate in any line of work.

It's simple yet effective layout means it can be integrated in to a content management system such as Umbraco relatively easily which may be beneficial to smaller companies who want to get up and running quickly.

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Magalla Magazine HTML Template.

For media organisations or news websites this template would be ideal. The layout of the homepage allows for many call to action/snippets to be arranged without the page looking to cramped. The article and portfolio page templates also come with all the necessary styling for posting professional looking creative works.

When integrated within the likes of Umbraco you would have the power to easily create a host of articles, snippets and news items for your website all of which would instantly have a great look and feel due to this template's design.

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Matalo - Responsive eCommerce HTML5 Template

Matalo is a responsive eCommerce HTML5 template geared towards businesses and individuals in the fashion industry. It has a very clean layout with 

The template comes with four separate designs for the homepage as well as designs for product, search, checkout and blog pages. As well as the HTML5 version Matalo also offer version of their template specifically built for OpenCart, Prestashop and Magento.

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